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Better Flat Lay Challenge

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Starting January 4, 2018

If better photos of your products and flat lays for your social media are on your goal list for 2018 - then this is for you!

Start the New Year off right! Join the 7 Days to Better Flat Lays Challenge. Joining the challenge will get you into an exclusive Facebook Group where I will educate you on taking better flat lay and product photos. It's like having a professional right in your pocket!

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Three Tips for Creating a Successful Blog

It's so easy to get overwhelmed when starting a new blog. You have people coming at you in every part of the internet telling you what to do, what to invest in, and where to go. Today I'm giving you three easy tasks to implement in your blogging strategy that won't cost you a dime. These three tips ... READ the POST

Building a Cohesive Blog Layout

Visual Consistency We are such visual creatures that it really shouldn't surprise us that we get thrown off by inconsistency. While some can handle it better than others, our brains pick up and notate when something is off. Have you ever been reading someone's blog and noticed their service pages ... READ the POST